AFP Fellowships & Scholarships

AFP IDEA Fellowship
AFP is committed to inclusion, diversity, equity and access. The AFP IDEA Fellowship is designed to help young fundraisers in their careers and in their roles as fundraisers to have a strong impact on the missions they support. The Chapter accepts up to ten fellows each year for a two-year program that provides fundraising training, networking opportunities, and a mentoring arrangement. Application deadline is April 20. Click here to learn more and apply.
Cummings-AFP Fellowship
AFP is also committed to providing $1,000 in education and networking programming to organizations seeking to improve their overall fundraising knowledge and capabilities. The Cummings-AFP Fellows Program, funded through a generous grant from the Cummings Foundation, is available to organizations in Suffolk, Essex and Middlesex counties. While all applicants will be considered, this program is placing a special emphasis on awarding these scholarships to small and mid-sized organizations, and individuals with 5 years or less of direct fundraising experience.  Application deadline is September 15. Click here to learn more and apply
Individual Event Scholarships are also available for the Annual Conference and Fundamentals Course. Application forms can be found on the registration page for these programs.



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