Past Chapter Presidents

1983: Ralph Peterson
1984-1985: Gail Graham Thacher, CFRE
1986-1987: Les Gordon
1988-1990: Arthur Makar, CFRE
1991: John Thomas, CFRE
1992-1993: Barbara Mullville
1994-1995: Anne Peters
1996-1997: William Weber, Ed.D.
1998-1999: Brad Voigt
2000-2001: Sara Andrews
2002-2003: Christopher Thomas
2004-2005: Ted MacMahon
2006-2007: Norman Stein
2008-2010: Allen Peckham
2011-2012: Catherine Squires, CFRE
2013-2014: Gregg Chambers
2015-2016: Paul Swindlehurst
2017-2018: Kristina Lentz Capano
2019-2020: David Woodruff
2020-2022: Kate Villa



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