Mobile App Coming Soon!

2017 AFP MA Conference on Philanthropy | November 29

Each year, AFP MA produces a mobile app for navigating the space and schedule using your personal device.
This will be available again in 2017! Please stand by for the announcement for when this is launched in fall of 2017.
To download the app:
1. Search app store for "2016 AFP MA Conference" or enter the following URL into your mobile browser:
2. Open the app and tap on "2016 AFP MA Conference on Philanthropy"
3. Compatible with Android and iOS (Apple version iOS 8.0 or higher.) Please be sure your device is updated before downloading.
Note: Don't have Android or iOS?  Skip this step and go straight to the next section. You can Verify Your Account and use the mobile web version of the app.
To login and be able to access all features:
1. Tap on the menu at the top (three lines) and click on "Login for more features"
2. Enter your First and Last Name
3. Enter your Email Address
4. Enter your Confirmation Code (sent to your email)
      - If you forget or don’t know your confirmation code, select “Resend Code"
      - An email with verify account info will be sent
      - Access the email and click "Verify Account”
5. Tap “Open App” and select “Finish” to be fully logged into the app!
Note: You will be sent a confirmation email including all of your login credentials should you like to login on a different device.


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