Chapter Committees

AFP Massachusetts is governed by a volunteer board of directors that includes a range of standing committees. These committees, listed below, carry out the important work of AFP Massachusetts in line with best-practice standards of association management. To learn more about any committee or to get involved, please contact the committee chair directly or contact

Communications Committee

  • Julie Rafferty (VP, Communications)
  • Nicholas Marmor
  • Colleen Flynn (Chair, Social Media)

Conference Committee

  • Melissa Cording (co-chair)
  • Robert Ayles (co-chair)
  • Elsa Gomes Bondlow
  • Justine Bryar
  • Kristina Lentz Capano
  • Mary Doorley
  • Alison Glastein Gray
  • Julia Luu
  • Lynd Matt
  • Cristine More, CFRE
  • Luiza Pellerin
  • Maureen Pena
  • Christopher Pinault
  • Julie Rafferty
  • Libby Roberts
  • Judy Sager
  • Mary Tiernan
  • Kate Villa
  • Karin Blum (Scholarship Co-Chair)
  • Margaret McNamara (Scholarship Co-Chair)

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

  • Erica Cabag (VP, Diversity and Inclusion)
  • Karin Blum
  • Elsa Gomes Bondlow
  • Dominique Calixte
  • Thao Nguyen-Le
  • Marie-Claude Tanny
  • Chris Thomas
  • David Woodruff

Education Committee

  • Kristina Lentz Capano (Interim VP, Education)
  • Wendy Ballinger
  • Marie Beam
  • David Brown 
  • Elizabeth Drolet
  • David Gordon
  • Martha Hanlon
  • Beth Kramer
  • Julie Rafferty
  • Jaye Smith
  • Kate Villa
  • David Woodruff

Nominating Committee

  • Kristina Lentz Capano (Interim VP, Education)
  • Sharon Allen
  • Mary Casey
  • Martha Hanlon
  • Cathi Ianno
  • Libby Roberts
  • Jaye Smith
  • Chris Thomas
  • Stephanie Truesdell
  • Kate Villa

Sponsorship Committee

  • Erik Ryan (VP, Sponsorship)
  • Mike Peluse (Chair, Sponsorship)


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