Membership FAQs

Is there a way to make my membership more affordable?
Yes! AFP International has an installment plan to pay for membership in six installments. For more information click here.

Is membership transferable to another person?
No. Membership is individual, regardless of whether dues are paid by the individual or the institution. Also, each member will need to sign to a Code of Ethics when joining and with each renewal and so the membership is not easily transferable to others.

I cannot attend a program, can a colleague go in my place?
Only a member can replace another member. As membership is not transferable, we are unable to allow a non-member substitute to go in place of a member at the member rate. If your colleague would like to attend they may register as at the non-member rate.

When does my membership expire?
Membership is on an anniversary date system and varies by individual. You may call the AFP International service office at (800) 666-3863 or the Massachusetts Chapter office at (781) 894-3140 to find out when it’s time for you to renew. Alternatively, you may logon to your chapter member profile.

My membership has lapsed. How do I pay my dues?
Dues bills are generated at AFP International headquarters. Call the International service office at (800) 666-3863 to request renewal of your membership. Be sure to ask about membership discount programs that you may qualify for.

Who do I notify when I move?
To ensure your records are promptly updated, it’s best to notify both the Chapter and International service offices. You may email or call or the Chapter office at (781) 894-3140. You can contact AFP International Membership Team at (800) 666-3863 or by emailing

Does my membership come with me if I move to another state?
Yes. Since membership is on an individual basis, your membership travels with you. You’ll automatically become a member of the local chapter in your new area.

Is my national membership ID the same as my local chapter website login?
It’s not, but you can (and we suggest you do) reset your Massachusetts Chapter username and password so that you’ll have the same login for both. Not sure of your Chapter log-in information? Please email or call the Chapter office at (781) 894-3140. Alternatively, you may logon to your chapter member profile

I have my mail sent home. Which address is listed in the directory?
Your business address is listed in the online directory, which is available to members only.


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